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intro to mountain biking

(aka- Green ride) 

This class is for beginners. If you’ve never been on a mountain bike or have been but feel really uncomfortable this clinic is for you. During this class we will cover basic mountain bike skills and begin to practice them on the trail.
Skill building and practice = 75%
​Trail riding = 25%

Level 1:Basic Skills Review and Initial Intermediate Skills

(aka- Blue ride)

This class is for those who have successfully completed Intro to Mountain biking or exhibit the skills required to complete it. In this clinic we will do a basic skills review and begin layering on some more intermediate mountain bike skills.
​Skill building and practice = 75%
Trail riding = 25%

private training sessions

We offer one-on-one training to help hone skills, conquer your impossible obstacles, or assist you in whatever mountain bike goal you desire to achieve. 

Nuts & Bolts:

(maintenance clinic)   

Not just for mountain bikers, this clinic will focus on trailside/roadside maintenance and daily bike upkeep, as well as skill development. 

The maintenance part will entail a discussion and demonstration of changing a flat tire, adjusting the cockpit, adjusting seat height, changing pedals and cleaning/lubing the chain.


muddy pedals master

You have the ability to tested out of Intro, Level 1 and Level 2.  At this point, you have the option to become a Muddy Pedals Member!  This is an annual membership ($75) which includes:

  • Unlimited participation in scheduled rides
  • Ability to enter and participate in Challenge of the Month (COM)
  • Prizes awarded to COM winners!
  • Muddy Pedals t-shirt
  • Be a part of Muddy Pedals community- be inspired and encouraged by women in your community to reach and achieve your riding goals.
  • Contact us to become a Muddy Pedals Master

*there are no rain dates, but registrations can be transferred to future events if we cancel due to weather

And don't let not having a mountain bike hold you back,we will set you up with high quality trail appropriate bikes.  


Level 2: Basic Skills Review Course and Advanced Intermediate Skills​

(aka- Black diamond)

This class is for those who have successfully completed Level 1 or exhibit the skills required to complete Level 1. In this clinic we’ll do a basic skills review and discuss more advanced intermediate skills like roll down lunges and high speed cornering.
Skill building and practice = 50%
​Trail Riding = 50%

the dude disclaimer:

We do exist for ladies ;HOWEVER, we love us some dudes too.  Feel free to contact us if you are a dude and want to hone some mtb skills.