Our Monday Night rides typically run March-October depending on weather and light (Daylight Savings). We welcome female riders of any skill level from first time on a bike beginners to riders who have been shredding for years! We have a group for everyone!

Beginner 1 - This is where our first-timers and eager ladies start! Here you will casually ride anywhere from 4-5 miles gaining confidence on the bike. This group typically stays on the Rockburn side of the park.


Beginner 2 - This group is ready for the next step! You’ve gained confidence on the bike and Alice has graduated you to the next group! These ladies will be working on some roots going downhill (and uphill!) and sessioning smaller logs. This group rides about 5-6 miles and builds speed and endurance with more riding and less stops than Beginner 1.


Advanced Beginner 1 - Now you’ve conquered those smaller log-overs and are feeling confident! This group will step up your endurance with a faster pace and start looking for more technical terrain. Mileage is anywhere from 5-7 miles, stopping to session, but keeping the pace.


Advanced Beginner 2 - These ladies ride anywhere from 5-8 miles keeping a steady pace, but making time to stop and session trail features! For this ride you’ve built some endurance with the Beginner 1& 2 groups and are looking to try bigger log overs, drops and generally more technical terrain. 


Intermediate 1 - This group takes the endurance and skills you learned from your advanced beginner groups and turns up the heat! We start tackling more mileage and more technical terrain. Here we’ll cover 7-9 miles, crush the downhills, climb the uphills, and learn more advanced skills on the trails.


Intermediate 2 - These are our most advanced riders! Here we will cover anywhere from 8-10 miles and shred the gnar! We like to find nasty gnarly roots, technical climbs and descents, and love some big ole’ log overs. We keep a fast pace but will session things that look rad.

Join our Monday Night Facebook page for weekly updates. Rides do not require a membership! Please fill out a waiver before riding. Check out a glimpse of our Monday night footage here on YouTube!

Questions? Send us a message!

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Founded in 2013, Muddy Pedals is a female owned and operated company. With a vision and passion for enhancing the women's mountain bike community, we strive to empower women to ride dirty. Through personalized instruction and the camaraderie of a great community of riders, Muddy Pedals promotes the life-style of mountain biking.



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