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Founded in 2013, Muddy Pedals is a female owned and operated company. With a vision and passion for enhancing the women+'s mountain bike community, we strive to empower women+ to ride dirty. Through personalized instruction and the camaraderie of a great community of riders, Muddy Pedals will promote the life-style of mountain biking.


We offer beginner rides, intermediate rides, group classes, and one-on-ones; all taking place on the world-class trails in our beautiful Mid-Atlantic region. Want to learn trail-side and general bike maintenance?  We offer that too!  Don't let not having a mountain bike hold you back, if you need a high quality trail appropriate bike, we will set you up.


Muddy Pedals was started BY women, FOR women (WTF+). We took friends out on the trail for the first time and saw their pure joy and excitement after their first ever mountain bike experience. After seeing women empowered and confident after just one ride, we felt that there had to be a way to get more women on a bike! We want to bridge the gap between wanting to try mountain biking...and actually doing it!



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Muddy Pedals founder and IMBA ICP Level 2 Instructor and PMBIA I Certified, Erin wants to create an environment where you can be confident enough to feel the freedom of shredding the trails. With over 17 years of mountain bike experience, she has faced all of the fears that come with starting the journey and adventure of mountain biking.

Having ridden all over the U.S. and some in Canada, Erin has experienced some of the top rated trails, drank at the local breweries, eaten at the foodie joints and enjoyed all aspects of those mountain biking towns.


aka: Leader of the Fire Dragons

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Rachel is a ride leader and bike instructor, she has her BICP Level 1 & 2 Certification and races enduros. She loves traveling and exploring new mountain bike destinations, and she always enjoys coming back to ride her home trails in Patapsco and the Frederick Watershed. She opts for tech over flow any day, and when it's rainy you can find her rock climbing or crafting with her cat. 



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I'm JM and was introduced to mountain biking by my husband in 2015. While he is the one who introduced me to mountain biking, and was quite experienced, he struggled to help me develop my own skills. Being the competitive person I am, I wanted to be as fast and as good on day one as he was. That didn't happen, instead I crashed trying to show off and was on crutches for two weeks; I didn't touch my bike again for 6 months. Luckily, he had a friend who knew about Muddy Pedals. She let me know about the Monday rides and I just started showing up; by the end of the season I had built the skills and confidence to move up groups (there were only two groups back then). By season three with Muddy Pedals I had started leading rides, I continued to develop my skills over the next few years, became a PMBIA Level 1 and BICP Level 2 coach and have been doing a combination of riding and coaching through Muddy Pedals for the last six years. I love this group of people, I have met some of my most dear friends because of this group, and I LOVE seeing the folks in Muddy Pedals grow and thrive because of the community we have developed.


aka: Head of IT
The Bosses Boss

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Mrs of the Mrs Muddy Pedals, Head of IT, answerer of all of the questions and whether she likes it or not, an integral part of making Muddy Pedals happen. The non-coach, coach because she refuses to get certified.And really and truly one of the reasons that Muddy Pedals is what it is today... she suggested we have some cold beverages for people after the ride. Voila, we grew! 

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