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Founded in 2013, Muddy Pedals is a female owned and operated company. With a vision and passion for enhancing the women's mountain bike community, we strive to empower women to ride dirty. Through personalized instruction and the camaraderie of a great community of riders, Muddy Pedals will promote the life-style of mountain biking.


We offer beginner rides, intermediate rides, group classes, and one-on-ones; all taking place on the world-class trails in our beautiful Mid-Atlantic region. Want to learn trail-side and general bike maintenance?  We offer that too!  Don't let not having a mountain bike hold you back, if you need a high quality trail appropriate bike, we will set you up.


Muddy Pedals was started BY women, FOR women (WTF+). We took friends out on the trail for the first time and saw their pure joy and excitement after their first ever mountain bike experience. After seeing women empowered and confident after just one ride, we felt that there had to be a way to get more women on a bike! We want to bridge the gap between wanting to try mountain biking...and actually doing it!

EVENTS - Click for more details

Begin April 8


Rockburn Branch Park

Begin July 10 (bi-weekly)


Schaeffer Farm

April 13

May 25

June 5

July 31

August 14

October 19

Destination Rides

April 27th Fairland

June 1 Daniels

July 13 Bacon Ridge

August 31 Gunpowder

Catonsville Bike Festival

April 27

All bike shops present, music, food, drinks & celebrating bikes

July 26-28

Trailfest Enduro

September 14

Hosted by Muddy Pedals & Dirt Rooster

Enduro Clinics

Get comfortable on the stages leading up to the race!

More to come!

Keep an eye out for 

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